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Boarding Authorization Form

Boarding charges run from midnight to midnight. That time period is broken up into half days, with the cut-off time being 12:00PM noon)

I am the owner of the pet listed above and hereby consent and authorize Smithfield Animal Hospital to board the pet listed above and medicate if needed.

MEDICATIONS: An additional charge of $12 per day for the first 2 medications (Provided by owner) and $8 for each additional medication. Insulin injections using owner supplies are $14.00 per day.

DIET: In order to prevent GI upset, Owner must provide food for the duration of their pet’s stay.

REQUIREMENTS FOR BOARDING: Proof of current vaccine status MUST be provided.

  • Canine Vaccinations: Rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella, and Influenza.
  • Feline Vaccinations: Rabies and FVRCP. FeLV strongly recommended but not required.
  • Proof of fecal exam and/or broad spectrum deworming within the past 12 months.
  • Current healthy pet exam prior to boarding within the past 12 months.
  • Current flea preventative is strongly recommended but not required.
  • All current medications and food.

If my pet is found to have fleas during check-in exam, they will be treated with Capstar ($24.00) and Simparica (dogs $32.00) or Revolution Plus (cats $32.00).

Are there any additional services you would like us to perform while your pet is in the hospital (charges may apply)?
Please list below
I am requesting my pet be sedated at the doctor’s discretion while he or she is boarding at Smithfield Animal Hospital.
Does your pet have a history of Seizures?

I understand that during my pet's visit, if a doctor or technician sees that my pet may need additional care, every attempt will be made to contact me for approval of treatment. If I am not reachable, I understand that additional charges may accrue (starting with a $62.00 exam fee).

When your pet was dropped off for boarding, the following items were assessed. A second exam was performed within 24 hours of their discharge from the hospital. Any abnormalities, treatments or other recommendations are noted below.

Aggressive Pets: If your pet shows aggression while boarding, a service fee will be applied and we reserve the right to refuse future boarding after the original visit.will be administered by a veterinarian for the remainder of the boarding period at the owner's expense.define aggression as adog or cat that has bitten or injured a human or other pet, and/or growls, bares teeth, lunges or snaps at a person or other pet.owner of an aggressive pet will be held liable for any injury sustained to their pet, another pet, an employee, representative, or client of Smithfield Animal Hospital, and for any damage to our facility caused by said pet.

(While we will do our best to keep any personal items safe and clean, please understand items can be lost or damaged during your pet’s stay.)

I have read and understood the above and authorize Smithfield Animal Hospital to board and care for my pet.

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