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Receptionist and Clinic Manager

Ellen has been in the area since 1984 and started working for Dr. Sloan in 1985 at the Stroudsburg Animal Hospital and Smithfield Animal Hospital when he opened it, and now with Dr. Boe and his wife. She has prior history as a bookkeeper and computer programmer. She started out with helping enter the clients and patients into the computer system and eventually took on roles as the receptionist and bookkeeper. Over the years she has worn many hats as the staff have gotten her involved with nail trims, draw bloods, x-rays or just hold the animals for them as they work. She has been able to meet so may people and their animals and feels truly blessed to be a part of their lives (in good and bad). Being a single parent, she has raised two children (now adults) and they are very close still to this day. Even though they are not physically together, they do enjoy spending time with each other and their families.

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